The cat has been let out of the bag and news of who will next play The Doctor has leaked. So who could it be? The answer may surprise you

Just created this to sum up the whole Phil Fish melt down 

Just created this to sum up the whole Phil Fish melt down 

Miyamoto Hints At New Nintendo Franchise

Sony Teasing
Not posted a picture in a while but with E3 last week and the announcement of The Villager in Super Smash Bros, I couldn’t resists 

Not posted a picture in a while but with E3 last week and the announcement of The Villager in Super Smash Bros, I couldn’t resists 

Ubisoft Going Hollywood

So Ubisoft want to make Live action Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Rayman Rabbits Movies, I want Andy Serkis to play all the rabbits via mocap

Pre-E3 Thoughts Part 2: Multiplatform Games

Sorry this journal entry is a bit late, I’ve been busy of late.
Following up on my last entry (http://thoughtsofagamingstudent.tumblr.com/post/52384727441/pre-e3-thoughts), which mentioned my pre E3 thoughts on both new consoles coming this fall and what I would like to see from them this E3 week, this journal will concentrate more on the non exclusive games that are going to be shown at E3 , both confirmed and rumoured games. 
Let’s start off with the big games we already know about and the confirmed games I want to know more about.
First up is one of the most talked about games at the moment, Destiny Just two weeks ago Destiny developers, Bungie released this trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS1BM9XRgvw and it did it’s job, it got me excited for the game. 
The game looks like its going to be a good mix of Borderlands’ RPG style and co-op aswell as a deep expanded sc-fi universe similar to Bungie’s previous hit Halo. 
With the Halo and Borderlands series being two of my Favorite franchises this generation, this sounds right up my street. 
Everything that is known so far is discussed in this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufeImJJEqqU .
The first gameplay of Destiny is promised to be shown live during the Sony conference at E3 and I for one can’t wait.
Next up is the game that came out of nowhere last year and led to many people thinking that Ubisoft won E3 last year with the best conference, Watch Dogs.
With Saints Row IV and GTA V coming out this year also, It is quickly becoming the year of the open world game. With Rockstar more than likely not showing up at E3 like they always do and Saints Row IV getting mixed reactions because of it’s similarities to Saints Row 3, Ubisoft could get there upper hand on their rivals with a good showing at E3. 
What is refreshing about Watch Dogs is how everything is connected, as the main character Adrian, players will be able to hack bank accounts, traffic lights and security cameras as they explore Chicago.
From what as been shown so far it does feel like a modern day Assassins Creed and that is not a bad thing. 
Speaking of Assassins Creed, Black flag will also be shown this year by Ubisoft during their conference on Monday. Personally I not a huge fan of the franchise, however I do like certain features such as how detailed the open world is and the free flowing combat which would transfer over well to Watch Dogs. However many gamers aren’t happy that that the Assassin Franchise might be ‘doing a Call of Duty’ and start releasing games on a yearly bias. They even announced Black Flag before all the DLC for AC3 had been released. 
Ubisoft will have their work cut out to try and get gamers excited for Black Flag, in a year with new consoles and loads of AAA games, gamers will cutting back on certain games so they can afford to buy new consoles. 
A few months back when Batman: Arkham Origins was announced I was a bit pessimistic, Rocksteady weren’t developing the game after producing the first two fantastic Arkham Games and Mark Hammil wasn’t back as Joker (which is easily his 2nd best role behind Luke Skywalker). Rocksteady have since said that they have given the new developers, Warner Bros Montreal, their full backing. This lengthy trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pnK8akbd2M as also been released and boy what a trailer. If the game looks and feels as good as that trailer then I’m sold. 
As well as Origins coming to consoles this fall, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will also be released for the Vita and 3DS. No gameplay as been shown yet but don’t be surprised if you see Vita gameplay during the Sony conference, bearing in mind Sony need to show a good game that will sell more Vita units and a good Batman game will do just that.
These aren’t the only batman games coming this year, Scribblenauts Unmasked will be releasing on the Wii U and 3DS (2 Batman 3DS games this year WHO KNEW?). Taking the brilliant Scribblenauts games and throwing in EVERY DC character, yes the developers have promised that every DC character will be in the game. Following the success of the Lego batman games this could be a huge success, I mean who doesn’t like Batman. However I don’t think there is going to be much more shown of the game at E3 with Nintendo only having a Nintendo Direct that will more than likely focuses mostly on 1st party titles.
Aswell as being a Batman fan this year , its also a good year to be a Deadpool fan, with Deadpool being in two games this year. He is personally my favorite superhero and I’m so happy the Merc with the mouth is finally getting his own game, voiced by the brilliant Nolan North this game could be a great hit, developed by the brilliant High Moon Studios (They developed the better Transformer games) or it could be a miss with a lot of gamers not likely his forth wall breaking style. There has been a couple of trailers released for this game but very little gameplay shown at this point, for a game that was announced at Comic Con nearly a year ago, that’s not a good sign. 
Deadpool will also be seen in the new Lego Marvel game, the latest in the long line of successful Lego games, the developers have promised a big roster with lots of less known characters that will keep the fanboys happy. I hope to see a lot of new gameplay shown for both this games that will get me even more excited for this game.
I’m going to ignore all sports games in this journal just because even though at E3 ever year new features are shown for the latest NHL, Madden and Fifa games, they just look the same and seem to be just little tweaks to the previous game.
However EA have said that they will discuss their recent deal with Disney to make Star Wars games and that they will also mention what the Dice team has to do with it, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE ANNOUNCE STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3. Heck they could just take Battlefield 4 and reskin it will star wars characters and textures. 
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Pre E3 Thoughts

With E3 being on Monday I thought I would write a Journal about my thoughts on next gen consoles and games before E3 and see if they will be the same this time next week. 
This year’s E3 is HUGE, for me and thousands of other gamers it will go a long way to decide what console they will mostly be playing games on for the next generation.
I currently have a 360, the reasons I got one over a PS3 were simple, at the time the console was (and still is) cheaper and I love the Halo franchise so much that i don’t want to miss out of the chiefy goodness. 

I want to go into E3 being completely unbiased, which I recommend every true gamer should do because you don’t isolate yourself from good games and gaming tech just because of you are biased to a certain company. You want to get a console which is best for you and not just because it comes from the company you prefer. Before I got my 360 I had a PS2 and not an original Xbox because the Xbox’s library was poor apart from the Halo games (at least compared to the PS2).So I for sure don’t see myself as being a fan boy but instead just getting the console I feel I will get the most out of.

With the news coming overnight from Microsoft that confirms the following features will be apart of the Xbox One:
.That it must be connected every 24 hours to connect to the cloud
.Used games are playable, but only at a publishers discretion and only from “participating retailers”

I feel that I will once again change which company I buy a game console from. I’m currently living in student accommodation with a, lets call it, ‘meh’ internet connection that only lets me connect one device to the internet at a time. So you can imagine I don’t want a machine that has built in DRM.
Also as a student you can imagine I don’t have a lot of money so apart from the big AAA titles that I buy, I often buy games that I’m curious of but don’t want to put £40 down on preowned. This new console limits this however and lets be honest publishers such as EA are not going to want a gamer to trade in their game given the choice because they have been complaining about the preowned games market for years and been using Season and Online Passes to restrict it. 
I see the publisher’s point of view, when a preowned game is sold in a store such as Game in the Uk or Gamestop in the US it is often at a saving of £5 if its a new AAA game or more if its a lesser game that as been out for a while. However the publisher gets no slice of that money and all that money goes to the store you brought it from. 
I agree with the publishers that this is a problem because game companys are losing money and having to shut down (R.I.P THQ) but I don’t think the consumer should be punished by not being able to buy preowned games but instead the game stores should be made to pay a percentage of any sold game to the publisher. By limiting used games you are isolating poorer loyal gamers.
Obviously less is know about what Sony wants to do about used games, we know there is no backward compatibility with either console. However Sony have come up with a nice alternative, they want to make every PS1, PS2 and PS3 game downloadable on the PSN and be able to play on both the PS4 and Vita. Which as someone who doesn’t have a PS3 seems like an advantage. I could just simply skip a Sony generation and download all the good PS3 exclusives (The Last of Us looks amazing and a downloadable copy on my PS4 would be my best chance to play it). Aswell as this I could download and relive all my Favorite PS1 and PS2 childhood games (I think I would download Crash, Spryo and Star Wars Battlefront 2 first) at what will more than likely be cheapish prices. Couple all this with Playstation Plus and you could build a pretty decent gaming library on a ‘student’ budget. 

One thing I do like that both Microsoft and Sony have paid great attention to is the fact that both consoles have built in features that let the gamer record gameplay footage (and in the Xbox One’s case edit it) and upload it to the internet. They are clearly embracing the Let’s Play culture. Less can be said about Nintendo on this matter http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/05/16/nintendo-enforces-copyright-on-youtube-lets-plays

Speaking of Nintendo you may well be thinking, Well Rob surely you could considering buying a Wii U instead of the other two and to that I give you this answer… THERE IS NOT ENOUGH GAMES and sadly 3rd parties are just not supporting it. I hate to say it but I think the console will go the way of the Dreamcast. Heck even the console’s second screen ‘gimmick’ is going to be done better next gen by Sony with the PS4 and Vita (Hurray a use for the Vita) and also by Microsoft because of the Xbox One and Microsoft Smart Glass link.

So if I decide which console I want to get by picking the one which is best for me I have to go with the PS4. Before E3 neither console has exclusives that I’m hyped for, all the games I’m looking forward to are 3rd party games. For instance Watch Dogs and Density. Sony has announced that F2P games are coming to the console, such as DC Online and Planet Side 2, which fit into my student budget perfectly.

So how can Microsoft win me back over??? Show games, big exciting games, refreshing new exclusive IPs and a GOOD kinect game (if thats possible). I love Halo but if Halo 5 isn’t coming out until Xmas 2014 and there is no other big exclusive then I’m just gonna get a PS4 and get a Xbox One if there is a price cut around November next year.

Wow this is a long Journal and congrats to you for getting through it. I’ll write another Journal entry about my pre E3 views on all the big games and what I want to hear more info on (might put that up tomorrow) and throughout next week I will hopefully put up a journal entry about each E3 conference giving my views on what I liked and didn’t like about each one. 

So keep your eyes peeled and happy gaming

Here is the full interview of jack and Barbara that was part of the Xbox One Reveal , enjoy